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Geotechnical Quality Assurance

RQA - Restoration Quality Assurance is the monitoring, supervision and documentation of works occurring at Land Fill Sites or Void Restoration Projects

Land Fill RQA aims to ensure that standards are maintained through out cell construction, liner installation etc, and post closure to monitor gas / leachate levels.

Void  Restoration RQA aims to ensure that the restored land is fit for the intended purpose whether for commercial or residential development.

Restoration Quality Assurance - Void Ratio Equations

Geotechnical Quality Assurance Method

We use a quantitative approach to the assessment of the works being performed.

Professional Staff provide full time supervision, and carry out onsite testing to ascertain that quality standards are being maintained.

The system is based on achieving dry densities and void rations set within agreed limits, comp active effort is applied in correct measure, taking care to avoid over consolodation.

Verification testing is carried out at the end of the project to ensure that fill has been placed to agreed standards.

Benefits of Geotechnical Quality Assurance

Low value land with an industrial past can be restored to meet the ever growing demand for viable brown field development sites.

Quarries can often be filled with inert waste from the actual quarrying processes, requiring minimal effort, and rapid restoration can be achieved.

Waste legislation can be avoid for such landfill operations owing to the fact that most quarries are covered by the Mining Directive, which sees in system mining spoils as non wastes if used for remediation purposes.

If you have an old quarry that you think might be suitable, then please contact us and we can come for site visit and tell you what we think your options are.
Restoration Quality Assurance - Void Restoration Project


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