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Site Management Plan

A Site Management Plan is concerned with the day to day operations of your site. Providing a well researched site management plan will lower your operation risk (OPRA). Which entails a multitude of benefits.

Formal Environmental Management Systems can also be used in conjunction with your Site Management Plan. These can also give a boost to your companies image, as well as lowering operational risk.

A Site Management Plan or SMP will contain practical information on how to manage your operation in compliance with your permit, it will also contain other compliance information, such as oil storage regulations, or hazardous chemical storage. All this information is tailor written for your operation meaning that the Site Management Plan can be used in manner that will lower operational risk.

Case Study - Siting of Oil Tanks

Siting of oil tanks next to thorough fares may seam practical with regards to ease of acess, but having site traffic passing oil / fuel storage tanks on a regular basis means that there is a higher risk of oil spills, a punctured tank resulting from impact from passing traffic can make a very expensive mess (both in terms of fuel costs and clean up costs) very quickly. Fuel tanks should be moved to low pass rate areas of the site, where risks of this occurrence are lower. This is one example of where practical advice given in site management plan can help lower operational risk ergo your operation's OPRA scoring.

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