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SSBRA (Site Specific Bio-Aerosol Risk Assessment)

During the shredding, tipping and bagging of the manure / bedding mixtures, there is the potential for release of bio aerosols. The manure / bedding mix is primarily treated via shredding, secondarily there is some aerobic break down of material before the shredded mix is bagged.


Bio-aerosol policy has been developed with respect to Composting. The EA has issued a bioaerosols  policy statements  on potential health effects of bio-aerosols from composting and bio-waste. The policy only covers the risks posed by bio-aerosols on human health.


At the point of receptor there are define acceptable levels for bio-aerosols.


Wind is a powerful tool in the control of bio aerosol emissions, whether prevailing winds blow towards or away from sensitive receptors can be a make of break factor in the application process.

Of course if it turns out that an open air activity is giving rise to unacceptable levels of bio-aerosols then the operation can always be put in a building. .  .but this is expensive and normally unnecessary.

Compiling an SSBRA is pretty tricky stuff, even for a professional, and is fairly time consuming if you would like SWEL to compile an SSBRA for your facility then please call or email and we will help out.

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