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Environmental Education Services

We can provide bespoke or set content Education Services or any scale. We provide education services to UK Companies, Overseas Enforcement Staff and School Children. The environmental education services we provide come in many different formats and scales, ranging from small groups to large multi-day events.

Environmental Symposium

We have organised Symposiums for a variety of delegates from all over the world. Typically symposiums are delivered in central London, we can pick a variety of venues. Smaller venues for smaller groups, or those on a budget, or some quite famous venues for larger groups, or those with a larger budget. Click the below link to find out more.
Further detail on Environmental Symposium

Environmental Conferences

We would consider a group of over 50 people as a conference, and can provide environmental content to fill 1, 2 or 3 days. We would typically look to provide the conference for you near the source of delegates, to avoid unnecessary travel.
Further detail on Conferences

Environmental Day Classes

Delivered at you place of work, we can provide environmental classes, sometime incorporating a field trip element on any topic you require.

Environmental Field Trips

Applied learning at its best. Can be provided for 1 day, or multiple days, and multiple locations. We can organise field trips near you, or we have 10's of locations we can suggest dependent on the topic required.
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