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Environmental Permit Application – Exeter

Environmental Permit Application – Exeter

Acting on Instruction from a business in Exeter, Southwest Environmental were commissioned to undertake a environmental permit application for a bespoke end of life vehicles, waste facility (EOLV).

Environmental Permit Application -Site Condition Report

Owing to an an industrial past it was deemed appropriate to undertake soil sampling on site to establish baseline conditions before permit issue. This is not only a requirement of the permit application but helps safe guard the operator against liabilities arising from contaminated land.
Site works took place over two days, site surfacing although continuous was easily broken through, and sampling was completed in around 4 – 6 hours.
Samples are currently at the labs, and records of results will be placed in the site condition report.

Environmental Permit Application – EMS

The company do have aspirations to become accredited to ISO14001, and this would satisfy EMS requirements under the permit, but in the mean time the company will use a in house system.
The environmental management system was written by southwest environmental with aspects and impacts being carefully considered before the products of management matrices etc.

Desktop Study – Exmouth

Desktop Study – Exmouth

Acting on instruction received from an architect in Devon, a phase 1 contamination survey was conducted at a property situated in close proximity to historic mine workings. The dwelling which is established on site is in fact an old engine shed / pump house left over from historic mining in the area.

The geology in the area was very complex, with numerous faults and metamorphosed mud stones and shale, it is likely that the mineral working were advanced in search of hydro thermal deposits.

It became apprent through the review of histroic maps that mining had been carried out on site since before 1889.

In this instance further work was unavoidable, as so a site investigation and quantitative risk assessment were recommended.

Desktop Study Exeter

Flood Risk Assessment – Wandsworth, London

 Flood Risk Assessment – Wandsworth,  London

SWEL were engaged by a firm of architects in Wandsworth, London to undertake a flood risk assessment for a change of use planning application.

The report was completed in under 5 working days, and issued via email. Recommendation were that checks should be made to confirm estimate existing floor levels and if they were above a certain level, then permission should be granted.

Of higher than usual concern in the area was sewer flooding, which may have been a result as a result of catchment transfer on a local level.

Flood Risk Reports Wandsworth

Flood Risk Assessment

Geotechnical Investigation Bristol

Geotechnical Investigation Bristol

SWEL were engaed to undertake a geotechnical investigation within an existing reatial unit, structural engineers required ground data so as to construct a mezzanine floor.

There was restrict access on site but with the help of an expert crew from Stunt Drilling Services,  3 rotary boreholes were advanced 10 meters below ground level in to the Sandstones and Coal measures that underlie the site.

Core recovery improved with depth, and rock core logging was used to give empirical rock mass strength estimates.

Below is a video of site works (drilling rig) underway.

Running a drilling rig in a building can cause a build up of fumes and as such an extractor system was used to suck exhaust gas outside the building via lots of ducting.

Site Investigation Bristol

Geotechncial Consultants Bristol