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Sequential Test for Planning Application – Catterick, North Yorkshire

Sequential Test for Planning Application – Catterick, North Yorkshire

It can be the case that planning authorities will take exception to a particular project and make requests for all kinds of extra information, to support the application, at a level of detial that would not normally be required.

Southwest Environmental were approached by a developer who was building a number of residential units in a Flood Zone 3. An initial flood risk assessment had been undertaken previously by a consultant and appeared to be of sufficient detail, however the local planning authority required extra clarification with regards to the sequential test.

SWEL have an well proven method for carrying out sequential test, and this was applied once more in this instance.

The project was well considered with regards to flood risk, the buildings design and choice of materials were  well chosen.

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Air Quality Assessment – Brent, London (NW6)

Air Quality Assessment – Brent, London (NW6)

Acting on instructions from a client in Brent, London Southwest Environmental are to undertake a detailed indoor air quality assessment.

A resident approached Southwest Environmental Limited with concerns over the quality of air within their living space. It was thought that air quality might be lowered owing to the neighbouring property uses.

A passive monitoring scheme is being undertaken over a 30 days period so as to establish indoor air quality. A very wide spectrum of common air borne determinants are to be tested for including a range of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and nicotine.

Monitored levels will then be compared with known safe levels as published by the WHO, and HSE.

If you have any requirements for indoor air quality monitoring and subsequent interpretive anlaysis then pleas egt in touch we would be happy to discuss your needs.

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