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Sunlight Daylight Assessment

Southwest Environmental are Environmental Consultants who regularly undertake Sunlight and Daylight Assessments in London, in this case this Assessment took place in Tottenham (N17).

The original plan was for the building to have 5 stories with an extra penthouse single unit on the fitth floor. This was a problematic layout owing to there being very little over shadowing pre-development.

Southwest Environmental were able to inform our client of the maximum possible building height based on the bRE 209 reduction criteria which was around 12 meters in this instance. Th height would change dependent of the scale and distance of the building in relationship to the affected window.

After redcuing the building height to 4 stories the calculations were acceptable, and the rpeort was issued in support of the application.

This report may be used in the appeal process to prove that 4 stories does not create adverse overshadowing conditions.

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Fire Prevention Plan – Hereford

Fire Prevention Plan – Hereford 

Recent policy changes have resulted in the need for the majority of waste sites to produce and maintain a fire prevention plan, for their environmental permit.

A fire prevention plan sets out the site specific requirements for the storage of wastes in line with the relevant guidance. There are requirements for stack spacing sand fire rescue service access.

Stack Layouts must be Included

When a fire is extinguished it is often the case that large volume of fire water run off the site and on to surround land, or perhaps in to rivers. The fire prevention plan must set out measures that can be used to prevent this happening.

Stack Sizes must not Exceed Max Limits Imposed

These new requirement for fire prevention plans are applied regardless of past performance, and are being requested more and more often during environmental permit applications of any type.

Down Wind Receptors Must be Considered

The content requirement for a fire prevention plan can be considerable, especially during a bespoke permit application. The fire prevention plans produced by SWEL are for environmental protect matters only and do not deal with health and safety of workers or members of the public.

Fire Prevention Plan