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Permit Application Basildon, Essex

Permit Application Basildon, Essex 

Acting on instructions from a company wishing the recycle batteries in Essex. Southwest Environmental are to prepare a permit application for a battery recycling facility. There were many environmental constraints on site, such as a nearby SSSI.

The process involves the splitting of batteries with the segregation of casings, metal plates and electrolytes for onward transfer.

The application was prepared an submitted by SWEL in under 2 weeks, with a great deal of detail being input to the Environmental Risk assessment to describe migratory measures etc.

Example detail:

“All containers are clearly labelled prior to filling. When a particular container or series of containers are full they are transferred off site for further recycling at other licensed facilities, at which point an outgoing transfer documentation is generated and a collection of battery sourced wastes are loaded on to a vehicle for onward transfer.”

Environmental Permit Application Essex