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Geotechncial Site Investigation – Devon

Site Investigation – Devon

Acting upon instruction from a management company located SWEL are to undertake a Geotechnical ivestigations at a holiday park near Totnes.
SWEL provide a wide range of geotechnical and environmental services to support our clients with there chosen projects. 
In this case SWEL are to prepare a retrospective specification for a raft foundation, to satisfy the local authorities requirements. The slab as stands, would appear to be installed to a very high standard, and is liklley over specified, and reside upon desnse gravels.

Flood Risk Assessment – Bristol

Flood Risk Assessment – Bristol

SWEL have been commissioned to prepare a flood risk assessment for a mixed use development in Bristol.

The scheme comprises of commercial use of the ground floor, with residential use above. This is a favorable situation, as the ground floor use is less vulnerable as define in the planning practice guidance.

The stated aim of PPG is to ensure that flood risk is taken into account at all stages in the planning process to avoid inappropriate development in areas at risk of flooding, and to direct development away from areas at highest risk. 

This FRA is prepared for the purposes of providing a generalised indication of the potential flood risk to the site, and to identify whether there are any flooding or surface water management issues relating to the development site that may warrant further consideration. 

Bristol is a varied city with regards to flood risk. Some of the hilly areas see very rapid lowering in flood risk moving away from water courses, however area to the west such as Avonmouth experience large areas of low lying ground in Zone 3a which can be problematic from a planning perspective.

There are numerous culvert water courses in Bristol, where rivers has been built over, and now run in tunnels under central areas. 

The flood risk assessment will be prepared on a quick turnaround and supplied to the client in a PDF format.

The use of secondary data will aid in providing this report on a quick turnaround. 

Flood Risk Consultants Bristol

Site Investigation Bristol

Site Investigation Bristol

Acting on instruction from a property owner in Bristol. Southwest Environmental Limited are currently undertaking a Geo-environmental site investigation in Bristol.

The site is an dis-used petrol filling station, there are concrete filled tanks on site, and various buildings with above ground tanks and assicoated storage.

Site Investigation Bristol – Buried Services and Pipework were Present

Site Investigation Bristol – Site Works were completed in One Day

The site works were undertaken in December 2015, with reporting no being progressed.

A full report will be prepared to collate finding of investigation and to compare soil quality against various guide values. 

Site Investigation Bristol