Green Travel Plan – Middlesex (Ealing)

Green Travel Plan – Middlesex (Ealing)

Acting on instruction from a client in Middlesex, Southwest Environmental Limited have prepared a Green Travel Plan, which has been submitted to Ealing Council for scrutiny.

There are various thresholds for travel plans above which a development will require to implement one. They can be asked for at planning or as a condition of planning.

A Green Travel Plan is a package of measures designed to reduce car use originating from new housing by supporting alternative forms of transport and reducing the need to travel in the first place.

It is important to encourage users to consider using sustainable methods of transport to help reduce the impact of car travel on the environment. By working in close partnership with the local council Council and other strategic partners, it is important to continue developing and improving the range of travel options available to site users.

The report was issued on a quick turnaround, and is now awaiting consideration by the local planning authority. 

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