Monthly Archives: October 2018

Noise & Vibration Monitoring – Horsham, West Sussex

Southwest Environmental Limited were recently commissioned undertake long term noise and vibration monitoring for a site in Horsham.

The site in question was a residential usage, with demolition and construction activities occurring immediately adjacent.

Concerns were raised by residents and site management with regards to the levels of noise and vibration experienced by residents.

SWEL acted rapidly to implement a monitoring program on behalf of the client, with an aim to reassure residents.

It was found that noise and vibration levels were for the most part below thresholds as described in the relevant British Standards, although there were some short term exceedances.

The situation has now been described to the residents and its is clear they have been reassured as the number of complaints has dropped significantly.

If you have any requirement for Noise and Vibration Monitoring please ring for a no obligation no charge discussion, and we will duly provide a fixed price quotation.

Farm Environmental Audit – Dorset

Southwest Environmental Limited were commissioned by a national charity to make an Farm Environmental Audit or Review of there operations as a site in Dorset.

SWEL do undertake Agricultural work, this aspect suited or remit well in that the main focus of Environmental Audit was Surface Water Management and Waste Management both are topics we have considerable experience in.

A review was made of the premises, and a 21 page report was issued within 3 days of the visit, detailing findings and recommendations. We focused on low cost solutions to the problem in hand avoiding large capital expenditure requirements focusing on improvements to operating techniques and site management. 

Transfer Station Costings – Kent

Southwest Environmental Limited have recently provided support to a company looking to establish a waste transfer station in Kent. The company were interested in costs of applying for an Environmental Permit. Besides the fees to the Environment Agency and Environmental Consultancy Fees, there are also various hardware and infrastructure costs to consider.

This is certainly the case with Fire Prevention where the EA request all manner of features installed to reduce risks from fire, and also fire water run-off.

Waste Transfer – Simple in Principal . . .  .

Based on our past experience with such matter SWEL prepared a list of requirements as we saw worst case. We included hardware costs and administrate costs on a spreadsheet (provided in XLS format) which we hope will be of use. The request was tuned around quickly in under 4 working days from commissioning.

Sequential Test Review – Rochford

Southwest Environmental Limited have been commissioned by Rochford District Council , to make an independent review of a Sequential Test document on their behalf.

The site is within a regeneration area and as such the the search area justification for the site has been restricted to the regeneration area.

We have considerable experience in all things Flood Risk, and have been writing reports for 10 years this June. Much has changed over that time, but the Sequential Test has away been a problematic elements of flood risk reporting.

If you would like any help with reviewing your sequential test prior to submitting it to the council we would be happy to assist, we could also do the whole thing if you prefer.