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Ship Recycling Plan – Exeter

Ship Recycling Plan – Exeter

Whilst undertaking a complex permit application for a ship recycling facility in Exeter, UK. Southwest Environmental Limited were requested to prepare a Ship Recycling Plan.

The ship recycling plan was based on the following guidance, whilst has alterations made for contextual accuracy.

  •  Overview of ship recycling in the UK (DEFRA 2007)
  •  Guidelines for ballast water management and developments of ballast water management plans (International Maritime Organization)
  • Guidelines on Ship Recycling (InternationalMaritime Organization, 2003)
  • Ballast performance standards set by the Convention for the Control and Management of Ship Ballast Water and Sediments (International Maritime Organization, 2004)
  • 2012 Guidelines For Safe And Environmentally Sound Ship Recycling (MEPC)

It was felt that this document could in some way replace the environmental management system, and certainly creates a lot of duplications, but the ship recycling plan was requested as part of the duly made requirements, upon appraisal of the application by the Environment Agency, and so had to be submitted to meet their requirements.

If you require a Ship Recycling Plan for you operation then please get in touch. Contact details are at the top of the page.

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Legal Review – Insect Nuisance

Legal Review – Insect Nuisance

SWEl are undertaking a legal review of a business environmental managment proceedures relating to insect nuisence experinced by neighbouring properties.

A waste treatment facility gives is situated in close proximity to a collection of office buildings, summer see fly populations reach klevels where by occupants are annoyed / irritated by presence of flys.

Site owners are concerned that the fly problem which is now established is discouraging potential tenants from the office park.

SWEL are conductig a legal review with an aim to making a case to aid the site owners in their aim of reducing the fly nuisence.

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