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Desktop Study – Margate

Desktop Study – Margate

Southwest Environmental Limited has recently been commissioned to undertake a Desktop Study Report in Margate, UK (there is one in the USA too). 
The report will use maps, historical information and other data to make a review of the site in terms of likely hood of contaminated land. 
We are providing the report on a quick turnaround in less than 5 working days. 
SWEL have been providing quality desktop reports to industry and individuals for over a decade.
This report is for a residential development. 

Desktop Study – Wotton-under-Edge

Desktop Study – Wotton-under-Edge

Southwest Environmental Limited have been commissioned to write a Desktop Study for a Site in Wotton-under-Edge.

Wotton-under-Edge is a market town within the Stroud district of Gloucestershire, England. Located near the southern end of the Cotswolds, the Cotswold Way long-distance footpath passes through the town. Standing on the B4058 Wotton is about 5 miles from the M5 motorway.

The proposed development is an extension to a property, and is adjacent to some in-filled land. This has flagged the requirement for a Site Contamination Assessment, the first stage of which is a Desktop Study. We aim to deliver the report on a 5 Working Days turnaround.

We are happy to discuss you site free of charge over the phone, so please give us a call. We try to be as quick as possible, and if you require a report quickly please say and we will do our best to get it to you for your required deadline. 

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Desktop Study – Leeds

Desktop Study – Leeds

Southwest Environmental Limited have recently issued a Geotechnical Desktop Study for a site in Leeds. The report followed our typical format for a Geotechnical Desktop Study including sections on:
  • Site Information
  • Land Use
  • Geology
  • Ground Stability Issues
  • Mining History
  • Review of Legacy Borehole Data 

In this instance we were asked to provide climate data and earth quake (seismic) data. It is interesting for us when we asked to vary or reports! As we do get a l;little tired of following the same format time and time again.

Earth Quakes in the UK

The largest known British earthquake occurred near the Dogger Bank in 1931, with a magnitude of 6.1. Fortunately, it was 60 miles offshore but was still powerful enough to cause minor damage to buildings on the east coast of England. The most damaging UK earthquake was in the Colchester area in 1884. The BGS publish a map of seismic reflection which we used to find a value for the design. 

Climatic Variation 

There are of course good records for climate data in the UK, however we need to add allowances for climate change these are then added on to modelled variances, whether these be historic maximum values or modelled outcomes.

Desktop Study – Slough

Desktop Study – Slough

Acting on instruction from a client in Ealing Southwest Environmental Limited have prepared a desktop study fro site in Slough.

The desktop study has been made of the site and this revealed that historically the site was of primarily back garden use. But more recently had been used for other purposes.

As is normally the case SWEL order a comprehensive data set, so as to make a review of the site.

It was established that a Phase 2 Investigation is required, owing to current on site use, which is mixed between storage and vehicle repairs etc. 

The report was turned around in 5 days.

Desktop Study – London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

Desktop Study – London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

Southwest Environmental Limited were commissioned to undertake a Desktop Study in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. Hammersmith and Fulham is to the west of central London. Sub regions include Fulham in the South, Hammersmith in the center and White City in the North. At the northern tip of the borough is Wormwood Scrubs Park.

The report to discharge a planning condition related to contaminated land. The planning permission was for a residential conversion of a garage. Typically with a garage (and we would not guarantee this) if the garage appears clean and does not show evidence of heavy use (leaking oils etc) we would likely recommend nothing more than a “watching brief”.

Band Riveting . . . a lost art, when a Coffee Mug costs 99p

However, in this instance the site had been used for “band riveting” which we had to google, because we didn’t know what band riveting was! Having had a read on the subject it would appear that the process involves the use of solder. . . ergo fluxes one would think.

Although we were content that this use would unlikely impact on the residents of the proposed dwelling that remained indoors, there was a risk that the garden area was contaminated from discarded solder and flux. However, we subsequently learnt that the proposed garden area used to be part of a neighboring residential plot, and there was no access to it during the time of this band riveting activity.

So in the end we recommended no further action and a watching brief. The report was submitted to the EHO for scrutiny it has been return with some minor amendments requested, and is now passed off.

Contaminated Land Assessment – Clevedon

Contaminated Land Assessment  – Clevedon 

Southwest Environmental Limited were approached by a client who wanted to check the ground quality of a site that they were planning to purchase. The site was a petrol station, and as such there was potential for the site to be contaminated.

Typical Petrol Station c. 1960.

All available secondary data was collected in the form of a Desktop Study, and this concluded that it would be prudent to undertake some soil sampling. Samples were taken and tested, and the ground was also checked for any sign of VOCs emanating from hydrocarbons.

These were then used in a quantitative risk assessment for contaminated land .

The reporting was carried out within the allotted time frame, and on budget.

Desktop Study – Chittening, Bristol

Desktop Study – Chittening, Bristol

Acting on instruction from a property managment company SWEL have produced a desktop study for a property in  Chittening, Bristol.

The property lease was to be aquired by a company and as good practice they were keen to establisg risk from ground contamination in a qualified manner.

SWEL have visited site, photgraphed the building internally and externally, we then use up to date environmental data from the Bristol area and mapping to draw qualified conclusions with regards to ground quality on site.

In this instance we felt that although the build could have had a number of uses, that risk to future users was low owing to broken exposure pathways, and the nature of the intended use.

Desktop Study Bristol

Desktop Study – Worcester

Desktop Study – Worcester

SWEL have just completed a desktop study in the Rainbow Hill Area. This report was produced a a quick turnaround. The site in question is being developed for a commercial use which is a lower risk site use. However, teh site is surrounded my numerous contamination sources, a gas works being the most significant.

Gas works were often the site of gasification plants, where coal for heated to produce coal gas, and coke as a bi product. However there are also many harmful bi product produced often which were dumped on to the ground around the plants cause intense contamination.

Benzo-a-pyrene is just one of the many contaminants associated with gasification plants, its causes cancers of teh skin, when people are exposed to it externally, these cancers are likely to form in folds of the skin around the next where dust may collect.

Desktop Study

Desktop Study – Dunsford, Exeter

Desktop Study – Dunsford, Exeter

A farmer was looking to satisfy various pre-commencement planning conditions listed on his planning approval for an agricultural dwelling in Dunsford near Exeter.

SWEL were not sure why a desktop study was requested as the site was green field . . . although it was adjacent to some existing farm buildings. Discussions with Dartmoor National Park Authority had not resulted in the condition being removed and as such the desktop study was carried out, with the obvious recommendation that conditions relating to contaminated land were discharged.

 Desktop Study Exeter

Desktop Study – Doddiscombeleigh, Devon

Desktop Study – Doddiscombeleigh, Devon

Southwest Environmental have recently undertaken a Desktop Study (sometimes called a Phase 1 contamination report) for an individual in Devon.

The site was occupied by 2 or 3 barns which had been used of rearing of livestock. This site was considered to be low risk. And the it was recommended that conditions relating to contaminated land were discharged.

Desktop Study Devon