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Transfer Station Costings – Kent

Southwest Environmental Limited have recently provided support to a company looking to establish a waste transfer station in Kent. The company were interested in costs of applying for an Environmental Permit. Besides the fees to the Environment Agency and Environmental Consultancy Fees, there are also various hardware and infrastructure costs to consider.

This is certainly the case with Fire Prevention where the EA request all manner of features installed to reduce risks from fire, and also fire water run-off.

Waste Transfer – Simple in Principal . . .  .

Based on our past experience with such matter SWEL prepared a list of requirements as we saw worst case. We included hardware costs and administrate costs on a spreadsheet (provided in XLS format) which we hope will be of use. The request was tuned around quickly in under 4 working days from commissioning.

Fire Prevention Plan – Hereford

Fire Prevention Plan – Hereford 

Recent policy changes have resulted in the need for the majority of waste sites to produce and maintain a fire prevention plan, for their environmental permit.

A fire prevention plan sets out the site specific requirements for the storage of wastes in line with the relevant guidance. There are requirements for stack spacing sand fire rescue service access.

Stack Layouts must be Included

When a fire is extinguished it is often the case that large volume of fire water run off the site and on to surround land, or perhaps in to rivers. The fire prevention plan must set out measures that can be used to prevent this happening.

Stack Sizes must not Exceed Max Limits Imposed

These new requirement for fire prevention plans are applied regardless of past performance, and are being requested more and more often during environmental permit applications of any type.

Down Wind Receptors Must be Considered

The content requirement for a fire prevention plan can be considerable, especially during a bespoke permit application. The fire prevention plans produced by SWEL are for environmental protect matters only and do not deal with health and safety of workers or members of the public.

Fire Prevention Plan