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Bespoke Flood Risk Assessment – London

Bespoke Flood Risk Assessment – London

Southwest Environmental Limited have been approached by a management company in London to provide a Bespoke Flood Risk Activity permit for some works being carried out adjacent to flood defences.

The work comprising of demolition works and piling works, and as such this will be a multiple activity permit application.

Unlike Environmental Permits for Installations or Waste Facilities. Flood Risk Permits are determined at the local level, rather than a centralised national office.

Turnaround times from submittal of flood risk permit to the issue of the flood risk permit are MUCH quicker than that of environmental permits for waste of industrial processes. A response can be had in 3 weeks.

The flood risk activity permit application will require various supporting information to be submitted with the application forms. Including plans, and method statements. The focus of these statements is on the protection of the water way, its banks and any flood defences.

Flood Risk Activity Permits