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Special Treatment Establishment Licences

Special Treatment Establishment Licences relates to licenses sought in connection with Beauty Treatments and Sun Beds and associated practices:


We were recently contacted by a prospective client asking about planning application for Beauty Salon. She informed us that the application for for a Special Treatment Establishment Licence, states the requirement for planning permission.

The proposed site for the Beauty Parlor is already a retail outlet, selling electric bicycles, and as such we thought we would research the exact requirements as full planning application may not be required.

You will need to check with the Council’s Planning team to confirm whether any planning consent or permission is required. If the premises has previously operated as something other than a special treatment premises, you may require a change of use.

But does this cover premises with existing generic use classes such as Use Class E?

Typically it is not the change of use that requires a planning application it is any alteration to the shop frontage or signage. From Government Guide on Signs:

Class 13 allows advertisements to be displayed on a site that has been used continually for the preceding ten years for the display of advertisements. Class 13 does not permit any substantial increase in the extent, or alteration in the manner, of the use of the site or the display of the advertisement.

So there is some scope for making alterations, but you would need to evidence 10 years of prior use.

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Permit Variation – Trowbridge – Wiltshire

We have recently been commissioned to undertake a Permit Variation  in Trowbridge, Wilshire.


The site has been running under an existing permit for a number of years, but an upgrade to some of their equipment will mean that an environmental permit variation.


On the face of things this would seem fairly easy, but in reality it is very tricky as the EA often ask for all kind of information, which might extend to activities outside of the variation.


For example if you were to vary the permit because you are installing a new boiler over 1 MW, they may also ask you to provide new emissions data on your abatement system for dust extract.


More often than not things can and do inflate past the requirements for what logically might be expected when varying an environmental permit.


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Environmental Permit Application – Hereford

Environmental Permit Application – Hereford

SWEL were commissioned to undertake two permit applications for a Plastic Film Manufacturer based in Hereford.

One of the permits was for a trunking depot, so primarily categorised as a waste transfer operation, the other involved the treatment of wastes, and as such required a the inclusion of codes for treatment covered within the permit.

The Environment Agency are becoming increasingly concerned with the risk posed by fire and as such each of these application was requested to be accompanied by a fire prevention plan. This not only borrows from fire prevetion, but also mitigation of run-off impact during the extinguishing of a fire.

Both applications were accompanied by and Environmental Management System and a Site Condition Report.

Environmental Permit Application – Progress

At present SWEL are collating information required for the application including planning permission and completion of all requests set out by the Environment Agency during pre-application discussions.

Hazardous Household Waste Amenity Site Permit Application – Cranleigh

Hazardous Household Waste Amenity Site Permit Application – Cranleigh

Acting on instructions from a waste management company, SWEL is to undertake permit supplication for a Standard rules SR2008No13_75kte – non-hazardous & hazardous household waste amenity site. The actual site use is for the sorting and transfer of batteries, rather than the type of amenity site one would normally expect.

The proposed site has modern drainage, a secure indoor storage area, and surfaces are impermeable and in good condition, this all helps make sure that application can be made without delay.

In support of the application Southwest Environmental will prepare:

  • Application Forms
  • Environmental Management System
  • Site Condition Report
  • Waste Policy
  • Risk Assessment

The site operator is already preparing to undertake relevant training such as EPOC.

Waste Transfer Station Permit

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Projects – Composting Permit Application Bristol

Southwest Environmental Limited were approached by a composter sited to the south of Bristol, UK. The composter was operating a number of sites under Paragraph Exemptions, and as Paragraph Exemptions were being phased out and replaced by environmental permits, SWEL were engaged to under take the permit applications for the various sites.

It soon became apprent howver that 2 of the 3 sites ear marked were going to require significant investment in order to meet the permit requirements namley the impermeable surfaces and sealed driangae.

One of the sites however met most the the requirements and so it was decided to concentrate operations at this site.

An environmental permit application was made and accepted and the site continues to operate. After 3 years the sites has undergone a number of compliance audits from the Environment Agency, with only very minor non-compliances most of which have been related to the condition of the site infrastructure.

SWEL make sure that permits will run for many years without any major alterations. Measures such as specifying a genrous site boundary are imprtant to ensure this.

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