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Waste to Land Feasibility Study – Devon

Waste to Land Feasibility Study – Devon

Southwest Environmental Limited have recently carried out a Feasibility Study for a Company wishing to apply waste to land. The study was based around determining the amount of waste that could be applied to land for a given benefit.

The process includes using desktop data to build a hypothetical soil condition, and a hypothetical waste composition., These values are then used with nutrient allowance from RB209 to give a allowable tonnage of waste per hectare.

The study is conducted in light of applying for require permissions. There are two requirements for spreading waste to land. Firstly a permit, and secondly a deployment consent.

In order to achieve a successful application for deployment, many factor must be considered the most important of which is proving the waste is a recovery operation to the enforcer (The EA), if this cannot be done then the whole process is doomed from the outset.

Farm Environmental Audit – Dorset

Southwest Environmental Limited were commissioned by a national charity to make an Farm Environmental Audit or Review of there operations as a site in Dorset.

SWEL do undertake Agricultural work, this aspect suited or remit well in that the main focus of Environmental Audit was Surface Water Management and Waste Management both are topics we have considerable experience in.

A review was made of the premises, and a 21 page report was issued within 3 days of the visit, detailing findings and recommendations. We focused on low cost solutions to the problem in hand avoiding large capital expenditure requirements focusing on improvements to operating techniques and site management.