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Albert Carbon Calculator Consultants

The Albert Carbon Calculator is a system for measuring the carbon footprint of moving image art works. It is a simplified carbon foot printing tool. For the most part it involves filling out lots of boxes with numbers relating to various metrics of your production. This is a time consuming, and potentially frustrating process, which you may wish to outsource.  albert_carbon_calculator_footprintWe provide these service on a nationwide basis, and regularly work in London and Bristol.

As well as reducing your administrative work load, we can also build a tailor made carbon reduction program for you production, which will ordinarily produce costs savings. We can also provide UK certified woodland carbon offsets.

The output from the carbon calculator are two pie charts, which demonstrate estimated carbon equivalent emissions, and final carbon equivalent emissions.

This requires that estimates made prior or during filming, with further calculations carried out after filming is completed.

The carbon calculator works by assessing various "ingredients" that go in to a production. There are 8 categories under which information is submitted (where relevant) and in each case specific details must be entered. For example electricity usage (KWh) these figure are then converted to Carbon Footprint using emissions factors. 

For example UK grid electricity has a Carbon Foot Print of 196 gCO2e/kWh. The Albert Carbon calculator will work out your electricity related emissions using this factor. These emissions factors will be updated regularly to account for the shifting carbon intensity of various electricity generation.  These "ingredients" are listed and expanded upon below:





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If you would like help making your company, project or product zero carbon, then please contact us. We can help with every step of the journey.