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Habitat Condition Survey

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Net gain: This refers to the concept of leaving the environment in a better state after development, often achieved through habitat creation, enhancement, and offsetting losses.

Habitat condition assessment: This refers to the evaluation of the ecological health and quality of existing habitats. 

This assessment typically involves:


A net gain habitat condition assessment likely serves two main purposes in the BNG process:

Baseline evaluation: Assessing the existing condition of habitats on a development site before any work begins. This provides a benchmark against which the success of BNG measures can be measured later. Informing BNG strategy: The assessment informs the design and implementation of habitat creation and enhancement measures necessary to achieve a net gain in biodiversity. This might involve identifying potential areas for restoration, prioritizing habitat types for enhancement, and determining the necessary resources and interventions.

Additional Information

To understand the specific details of a net gain habitat condition assessment, you might need to know:

Possible Habitats

There are a great many habitat types that may need condition assessment, although it would be a very peculiar site to have all of the below!

Broad habitat type: Coastal Lagoons

Broad habitat type: Coastal Saltmarsh

Broad habitat type: Cropland

Broad habitat type: Grassland

Broad habitat type: Heathland and scrub

Broad habitat type: Hedgerows and lines of trees 

Broad habitat type: Intertidal hard structures

Intertidal Sediment - Artificial littoral biogenic reefs Intertidal biogenic reefs

Broad habitat type: Lakes

Broad habitat type: Rocky shore

Broad habitat type: Sparsely vegetated land

Sparsely vegetated land - Other inland rock and scree Sparsely vegetated land

Broad habitat type: Urban

Broad habitat type: Wetland

Broad habitat type: Woodland