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Life Cycle Assessment for Amazon Climate Pledge

In 2019, Amazon co-founded The Climate Pledge this is a green claim that on the surface allows use of the Climate Pledge Friendly label on listings within Amazon.

We have no affiliation with Amazon, they do not endorse our services in any way.

We can undertake, this work on a fixed price basis please call or email to obtain a quote.

There are two routes by which a seller, can show the green claim:

Carbon Foot printing and 3rd Party Verification

Behind the scenes this green claim, needs to be evidenced so as to ensure its accuracy this is done in two stages:

  1. Doing some maths to work out the carbon footprint of the product. (We can do this).
  2. Having that maths checked by a 3rd party. (We can use your preferred certification body).

The report that we produce is essentially a carbon footprint report, assembled along the lines of PAS2050 this fulfills the three content requirements for the Climate Pledge:

Compact Design Certification

This is amazons own standard, created with a view to reduce the size of a product (whilst still providing same function) so as to reduce packaging, and shipping impacts.

Some examples:

This Compact be Design Certification, does still require third party verification, this process is called validation.

It would be important to keep an eye on life cycle impacts, whilst planning  compact, humans are very good at solving one problem, by creating another problem somewhere else. For example switching from heavy card, to lighter plastic wrapping could create waste problems. Think DDT, PCBs, and recently PFAS for example. All solved a problems, and simultaneously created another!

How Can we Help?

We can help as much or as little as you like. We can undertake the whole process for you, or we could just provide 1/2 an hours advice to get you set off in the right direction. You will find us helpful, uncomplicated (unless it needs to be), and motivational.

Please call or email, with details of your products. Over the last two years we have provided foot printing reports for chairs, detergents, oils, textiles, and building materials. To name but a few.