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Do I need to change from IPPC to an Environmental Permit?

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It depends on what kind of operation / installation you are running.

Under IPPC District / County Council Part B Waste Permits are being moving on the the environmental permitting system. Whilst larger more complex activities such as paper and pulp manufacture, may well stay with the IPPC permit.

As a rule for waste activities you will probably need to change to the Environmental permitting System, for Part A or Part A(2) installations you will probably stay under the IPPC system for the time being

To order to keep your IPPC Environmental Permit you could try:

  1. Minor Changes to you IPPC Environmental Permit: It is possible to make small changes to your IPPC Environmental Permit such as changing emissions values or adding new emissions points. Although changes may be small it may require submittal of an H1 Risk Assessment, which can be a "bit of a headache".

  2. Apply for additional Environmental Permits or Exemptions: If you have new discharge then perhaps apply for an Environmental Permit, or an Exemption to cover the discharge, emission or waste activity.

However, there are some changes that can not be made such as altering the boundary of your installation, or changing the nature of your installation significantly, in this instance you will have to hold fast or apply for a Bespoke Environmental Permit.

Changing over to an Environmental Permit from and IPPC permit can be expensive, due to the large amounts of supporting documentation required.

SWEL have first hand experience of making alteration to IPPC permits, click on the link to find out more.

Please feel free to contact SWEL to discuss any aspects of IPPC permits and Environmental Permitting Compliance Issues.

Image: Mark Ahsmann [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons