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Clinical Waste Transfer Station Environmental Permit Application

https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/e/e0/Container_for_medical_sharp_and_infectious_waste.jpg/360px-Container_for_medical_sharp_and_infectious_waste.jpgSWEL were approached by a multinational company in relation to environmental permit application for a proposed facility in the northern UK. A site had been chosen and a application was under way, but some expertise was needed to assemble the an Odour Management Plan and a Site Condition Report.

A particular consideration was that of the presence of cytotoxic wastes that would be decanted on site, SWEL carried out a risk assessment appraisal and deemed the the risk satisfactory owing to the company rigorous in house cytotoxic management plan, and as such an Odour Management Plan.

The Site Condition report showed that the site was formally occupied by heavy industry, and as such there was likely to have been extreme lowering of land quality prior to the facility being set up on the proposed site.

A very important site feature for this type of Waste Transfer Station is a main sewerage connection, it would be very difficult to set up a site like this, without a connection to mains sewerage.

A modern industrial building also helps things along, as the building will likely already have a sealed drainage system.

Image: Stefan Bellini [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons