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environmental complianceEven for simple businesses there are a mind boggling number of Regulations / Laws with which your operations must comply.

At Southwest Environmental we can take care of your environmental compliance issues, leaving you to take care of what you set out to do . . .operate a successful business.

Compliance to some environmental regulations may well require a great amount of time and effort to bring you in to compliance. This might include:

Environmental Permits or REACH

Some regulations may not be so apparent, the Oil Storage Regulations for example, compliance is necessary but may not be rigorously enforced. Problems may arise if for instance you are storing oils in the incorrect type of tank in the case of an incident / spill. In this instance you may be open to prosecution.

The Environment Agency are prosecuting people every day for non-compliance, so don't wait until it is your turn. Contact SWEL, and we will check over your operations environmental compliance. Please feel free to telephone the office for an informal discussion regarding environmental compliance services. The initial consultation is always free.

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Where can I find a list of Environmental Regulations?

Cedrec is the tool we use for this sort of thing. It makes a stuffy job bearable.

What is an Environmental Compliance Audit?

An environmental compliance audit is where an environmental consultant will visit your business / facility and inspect your operation to ensure that they comply with environmental legislation.

In its most basic form a typical audit will consist of a number of days spent looking at the physical characteristics of your operation, and also studying emissions, records and competence.

 A report is then produced with suggestions to be followed in order to bring your business / facility in to compliance.

A compliance audit is particularly useful if your company wishes to maintain a blemish free environmental record, which can be important in the maintenance and acquisition of contracts of supply etc.

For any queries with regard to compliance audits please ring the office for a free initial consultation.

Please Contact the Office if you have any questions.

Do I need to change the way I work in order to comply to Environmental Legislation?

Yes and No.


Example: Environmental Permitting Regulations 2006 - 2010

Some regulations such as the environmental permitting regulations may well require you to change the way you work, perhaps you are moving from an old "para" exemption or you have out grown your Environmental permitting exemption, either way the way you work may have to become a little neater in order to comply to a permit. Record will have to kept of what materials / waste come and go, and some people within your organisation may have to undergo some form of technical competence training.


Example: Clean Air Act 1993

With most businesses operating within the boundaries set by this piece of legislation there will be no need to change the way you work in order to comply with this legislation. Unlike environmental permitting which a very proactive legislative tool, other acts and regulation work in the back ground and although compliance is necessary to prevent action against your operation / business, the chances are your operation / business already complies anyway.

Please Contact the Office if you have any questions.


Use of Soil in Construction - Staying compliant.

It makes sense to try and reuse soil, perhaps on the same site that it was excavated from, or perhaps another site that your firm is involved with.

"Waste" soils that are generated in construction may not be waste at all, although proving that soils are not waste is probably more time consuming than just assuming they are and complying with the relevant legislation.

In there position statement* with regards to the definition of waste the Environment Agency state that, with regards to soil is not waste when it is:

Any clearer?

There is also debate of say using soil to level hollows within land / construction sites is actually recovery or disposal, there are environmental permit exemptions available for the use of small small quantities of soil for such purposes, these cover up to 5000 tones of material, if you are building roads, but around 100 for other uses, see U1 and U 19.

If you don't "fit" for an exemption or recovery operation then you probably need an environmental permit for a landfill operation, albeit an inert operation, this will require a bespoke permit.

Please Contact the Office if you have any questions.

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