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Carbon Management Plan

We have considerable experience in guiding / influencing companies who wish to reduce their carbon footprint. There are many misconceptions, which are fed by the Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 reporting requirements of DEFRA Guidance and PAS 2060.


One might have thought that Scope 1 and Scope 2 Emissions are very important owing to them being considered before Scope 3. But this is not the case, the diagram to the left shows a proportional representation of personal  emissions, which stand at around 12 tons per head in the UK.

For a company with through put of good or raw materials the "stuff you buy" part of the foot print is likely to be huge, compared to your other emissions. Similarly if your employees fly a lot for face to face meetings etc. then you could have a grossly inflated footprint in that portion of the foot. A long haul flight might generate 2 to 4 tons of Carbon per flight.

The reason Scope 3 is Scope 3 is because it is more difficult to calculate, when in fact for most businesses this will be the biggest section.

If you require some perspective on how and where to start in your footprint management process, then we can help. We are happy to provide a little bit of help, or all the help. Any initial telephone consultation is free of charge, and we are generous with our time, so please call and we will discuss your requirements.

Quick Carbon Fact

Air freight eatables can have 20 times the carbon footprint of locally grown seasonal produce.