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Cost to Go Carbon Neutral?

How much it costs to go carbon neutral will depend on:

Cost for Individuals to Go Carbon Neutral?

In the UK the typically annual footprint is around 12 tons, at current cost to offset this amount of carbon would cost around £10 a ton. So an individual could become carbon neutral for around £120 per annum.

However, a Eco Tourism break to Costa Rica could add another 10 tons of jet flight based carbon to you annual total. So even for an individual variability is to be expected.

Cost for Small Company

A small company with perhaps 20 employees, an office and a fleet of vans might rack up around 140 tons CO2e per annum. To offset this amount you might expect to pay again around £10 per ton, so £1200 per annum.

Cost for Large Company

A reasonably sized manufacturing company might emit around 5000 or more tons CO2e per annum. To offset this amount and become carbon neutral could cost approximately £50,000 per annum.

Things to Consider

Here we have suggested that to go carbon neutral, you just offset your emissions. Although this is the quickest way, it is not the best. In reality you should try to reduce emissions. This can be done in many ways and will provide a yearly savings offset spend.

Here to Help

If you would like help making your company, project or product carbon neutral, then please contact us. We can help with every step of the journey.