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Zero Carbon by 2050 . . . or 2030

Below set out are the various measures we will have to take for the UK to reach zero carbon by 2050, and details on each of the measures. Southwest Environmental Limited can help develope a stagey to decarbonize your proposal whatever sector it may be in.  We have listed these measures as found in the Climate Change Commity's 2019 Report.

This page is a "how" page if you are looking for the "if" page please see: Can the UK go Zero Carbon by 2050?

Here to Help

If you would like help making your company, project or product zero carbon, then please contact us. We can help with every step of the journey.

Measures to Reach 80% Carbon Emissions Reduction by 2050

These are the lowest hanging fruit but will still require significant effort to obtain.

Energy Efficiency

Measures can include very simple commonplace energy efficiency measures to reduce carbon emissions, or technical industry specific measures.

The Shift to Low-Carbon Power

Roll-Out of Electric Vehicles

low-carbon heating,

use of carbon capture usage and storage

electrification in industry,

tree planting and on-farm measures,

diversion of waste from landfill

phasing out of fluorinated gases.

Measures to Reach 96% Carbon Emissions Reduction by 2050

tackle the challenges of industry, peak power, peak heating, heavy goods vehicles, and shipping emissions.

CCS will have a larger role, including in industry and at scale in combination with biomass.

Major changes are needed to how we use and farm our land

Measures to Reach 100% Carbon Emissions Reduction by 2050

extensive use of emerging technologies to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and safely store it (e.g. 'direct air capture');

successful development of a major supply of carbon-neutral synthetic fuels (e.g. produced from algae or renewable power).