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Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP)

constructionwate pie chartA Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP) aims to address sustainability & environmental impacts that may be encountered during the construction phase of a project.

Construction Management Plans, or Construction Environmental Management Plans are very often required with major planning applications in London, or when construction sites are close to sensitive receptors such as Nature Reserves.

Minimising Waste

This aspect of the project might also be covered by a site waste management plan, a site waste management is was until recently mandatory for projects over £500,000,. Waste management is a key part of the construction management environmental plan for smaller projects, if followed can save you money.

Preventing Spills

If you consider the cost of cleaning up even a small spill, it makes economic sense to prevent it happening. Spill kits and bunded pallets are cheap, and easy to use. . . prevention is better than cure is the old addage.

The construction environmental management plan should include information on Hazard Identification. Training your staff to look out for hazards around site, is beneficial and can protect you from costly clean up, damage and accidents.

Storage of Oils

Covered by the oil storage regulations, again prevention better than cure, tips should be provided in the construction environmental management plan. This can include checks that the 110% rule has been met.

Storage of Hazardous Chemicals

Detailing careful storage reuirements of hazardous chemicals is one of the more obvious content requirements for a Construction Environmental Management Plan.

Emergency Response Plan

If you do have an accident what will you do? It is important to list the information you will require, so that it is ready to hand when needed. Information may include Directions to Nearest Hospital, Contact Details for a vacuum tanker operator (to suck up spilled liquids), and contact details for local Environmental Health Officer, and the Environment Agency Hotline.

Site Waste Management Plan

A simplified Site Waste Management Plan may well also be included within a construction management plan. Consultants can provide you with a construction site management plan at a very reasonable cost. A good construction environmental management plan will also identify responsible person on site and provide their contact details.

Public Consultations

An requirement for most Construction Environmental Management Plans is that a public consultation is organised. This involves contact all residents within the project sphere of influence, and inviting them to attend a virtual or real world meeting. Typical these have an attendance rate of 0.5% or less, for every 200 letters sent you will probably only have one resident attend a meeting.


A sign outside of the construction site, and the details to be displayed on it are also required.