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Environmental Consultancy Jobs

We are potentially hiring new staff in to consulting roles. We are looking for Ecologists and other Environmental Scientists. But not Geologists we have one of those already.

You would be expected to work across the UK. You can work in an office or from home.

Our pay package is Minimum Wage, but with performance & ethos related bonuses based on the number of reports issued in a given month & ethos recommendations. You will receive an introductory bonus in your first month with us, to account for the lack of performance related bonus available in your first months salary.

You will find working at Southwest Environmental Limited rewarding. We incentivize you to work hard and this sharpens the senses, and increases the quality of your work. Working solely by the hour is not good for morale or productivity.

We also offer a Ethos Bonus via peer recommendations, this is given for helping others, or going beyond what is normally expected. This could be for helping colleagues, or doing charity work.

Approximate Salary as of July 2023 is £21,700 based on 2000 working hours per annum. However, with a little hard work you could make £30,000. If you can combine speed, quality and positive ethos then perhaps even more.

Performance Bonus:

Ethos Bonus:

There is of course a run in period where you do not have meet the contractual minimum. And the targets are pro-rata, so if you take time off for what ever reason, you will not have to make up numbers (unless you want to).


Dress Code:

Bad Behavior:

Things that are encouraged:

The above represents the bare bones of our offer. Employment contract to be drafted prior to formal job offer, it may vary a little, but this is pretty much the gist of it.

Please email a CV to the office - swenviro+bristol@gmail.com and we will be glad to arrange an interview if we are still looking for people.

Kind regards,

Will Thorpe - Managing Director