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Construction Environmental Management Plan

A Construction Environmental Management Plan helps manage the risk of pollution, minimize waste and reduce the impact of nuisances such as noise, dust, odor. It may also include brief descriptions of traffic management, and can be requested as part of a planning application, or a condition when planning permission is approved.

Image result for wikimedia construction site UKA Construction Environmental Management Plan will also include information regarding the storage of chemicals, maintenance and fueling of vehicles, it will name responsible persons, who should be adequately trained in the "art" of environmental management.

Having your Construction Environmental Management Plan written up by a consultant will save you time, and also make sure that you cover all of the risks that can occurring during the construction and demolition process.

SWEL have written up Construction Environmental Management Plan for construction projects in the health care sector and education sector, and can help with many aspects of the "tick the box" paper work that can become so frustrating for developers. Image: Kleon3 [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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