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Discharge Consent Application

Discharge consents are now Covered by the Environmental Permitting Regulations. A client in the Bristol area was concerned regarding compliance for a small discharge from activities on there site. The receiving water for the discharge were a large river.

Image result for wikimedia drainage channel ukThere were a number of option available in order to meet compliance for this particular discharge.

1 - Bespoke Environmental Permit for Discharge

2 - Exemption for Discharge

3 - Alterations to Drainage Systems (Redirect to Sewer)

4 - Store Effluent to be Tinkered off site.

After initial investigations it was considered that an environmental permit was the correct route to compliance, and an application was prepared.

We at SWEL like to use of in depth knowledge of the Environment to prepare a thorough application, that will result in acceptance first time round.

Image: Andy F, via Wikimedia Commons

If you have any questions regarding discharge consents whether existing or proposed then please contact SWEL, and we will offer you a free of charge initial consultation.