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Waste Transfer Station Environmental Permit Application

SWEL were approached by a Construction company in the southeast of England who whilst running a fairly large center of operations for their Highway, Landscaping and Concrete Business. They found themselves needing to comply under the Environmental Permitting Regulations. There previous Paragraph 13 exemption was close to expiring, and so on a short timescale SWEL were engaged to bring their operation in to compliance.

Image result for wikimedia recycled concrete aggregateThe company were initially advised to apply for an Inert Waste Transfer Permit, which would have left them being able to receive only a very narrow spectrum of wastes, and may have left them open to non-compliance issues.

SWEL recommended a Waste Transfer Environmental Permit, which caters for a very wide spectrum of input wastes.

SWEL managed the application to make sure the application was duly made, providing supporting documentation such as Environmental Management Documents and Site Plans.

By recommending this broader permit, SWEL have hopefully avoided the need for reapplications in the future due to new input materials having to be catered for. Making the application a little more future proof.

Image: Peter Craven [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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