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Delivery and Service Plan

Southwest Environmental can author you Delivery and Service plan , this is best undertaken along side other transport related reporting, but we are very happy to produce a Delivery and Service Plan based on 3rd Party Reporting. Delivery and Service Plan are closely related to Travel Plans.

Considering the delivery and servicing needs of a site from the outset can help to facilitate efficient deliveries by encouraging site occupiers and their suppliers to consider the need for delivery and servicing activity, re-timing when and how deliveries are made and improving overall access to goods and services.

The London Plan states a DSP should be secured in line with the London Freight Plan and should be co-ordinated with travel plans and Construction Logistics Plans (CLP). In practice, there is a lack of consistency regarding which developments are required to submit a DSP.

A indispensable element of a DSP is that it is responsive to the relevant site’s constraints, tailored to fit rather than being an off the shelf standard document. A DSP needs to create insight in to the key characteristics of the site and operator working methods and servicing procedures.

Delivery and Service Plan Objectives

The objectives of this DSP are listed below;

Typical Vehicles Considered in a Delivery and Service Plan

Typical movements would be refuse collection vehicles (RCVs) accessing each land use, rigid vehicles accessing the commercial units and providing oversized deliveries to the residential units, box vans delivering to the commercial units and undertaking residential deliveries and smaller vehicles such as supermarket deliveries vehicles.

Monitoring & Implementation of Delivery and Service Plan

As with so many post planning matters these plans are rarely properly implemented. However, they do have value in that if a problem arises there a ready made site spific plan to fall back on.

In an ideal situation occupiers of the new development should meet in a stakeholder meeting to discuss implementation of the plan. . . .  . .

Delivery and Service Plan Guidance

There is an excellent guide published by the European Commission on Delivery and Service Plan Guidance

Extract from European Commission Delivery and Service Plan Guidance

The value of a successful DSP is set in the aim to organically link the internal sustainable changes adopted within an organisation with the delivery, collection activities and servicing practices of its suppliers, contractors, goods and services providers. This will be achieved by involving staff from the procurement and sustainable policy departments in the development of the DSP.

The DSP can be incorporated in the organisations environmental policies or its travel plan and regarded as steps taken towards achieving its environmental commitments, to be more efficient and enhance the local residents’ quality of life. To integrate the benefits of a DSP with the organisations other environmental and sustainable policies and actions, employees from the policy and sustainability department need to be involved in the early stages of development of the DSP. The DSPs’ environmental benefits could be also achieved with pressure from top to bottom e.g. from a municipality to its suppliers of goods, services and contractors.

The purchasing organisation can communicate its DSP objectives to all its suppliers, service and goods providers, thus securing a good working relationship with them. This enables the persuasive power of an organisation’s procurement team, to consolidate deliveries and ensure suppliers’ contribution to the DSP can be a valuable asset.