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In order to calculate available responsible source points you must complete a Mat 03 Assessment. It is relatively simple to carry out this procedure for some building materials, and more complex for others.

Firstly to score in the Mat 03 assessment the building material must be included within a Responsible Sourcing Certification Scheme. Below we have included a number of the certification scheme that you might consider. If you are working in procurement then you try to pick as many products as you can that carry the below certification:

It has been revealed over the past decade or so that some of the above scheme are not perfect with so mis-labelled, but these are the best we have, so there is little point in debating their validity.

You project can score in four categories in the Mat 03 assessment. These are

These are grouped automatically by the Mat 03 Calculator and a score is presented at the end of the calculation when all available information has been input. If you would like a lot more information on Mat 03 then BRE website is next stop!

Please feel free to call if you need a Mat 03 Assessment.