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BREEAM Pre-Assessment Report

The BREEAM Pre-Assessment reports produced by SWEL are suitable for Planning Application Only. SWEL are not accredited assessors. However we have submitted some >20 BREEAM Pre-Assessment reports to Borough Council Planning Authorities across London, and the reports are well received.

BREEAM is an environmental assessment method for rating and certifying the performance of new homes. It is a national standard for use in the design and construction of new homes with a view to encouraging continuous improvement in sustainable home building.

BREEAM Pre-Assessment Scope

The  report aims to predict a likely BREEAM rating for the proposed development. At this pre-planning stage this relies on a number of assumptions, with regards to the buildings characteristics. Overall scorings and sub-totals per criteria as displayed in Appendix 1. The report investigates all areas required to make judgment on likely BREEAM rating obtained. For refurbishments with subterranean extensions, a minimum BREEAM Rating of "Very Good" is anticipated by Royal Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council, for example, other Borough Councils may have different requirements.

BREEAM Report Sections

BREEAM employs 8 sections that are used to provide a final rating. Project details are included in the following sub chapters along with likely ratings under The BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment.

BREEAM Daylighting

The refurbishment will result in a neutral impact on the dwellings daylighting levels in the kitchen, living room, dining room and study. The dwelling will achieve minimum daylighting levels in the kitchen, living room, dining room and study.

Kitchens will achieve a minimum Average Daylight Factor of at least 2%. All living rooms, dining rooms and studies will achieve a minimum Average Daylight Factor of at least 1.5% in line with BRE guide BR 209 .

BREEAM Ventilation

A minimum level of background ventilation is provided (with trickle ventilators or other means of ventilation) for all habitable rooms, kitchens, utility rooms and bathrooms compliant, Building Regulations Approved Document Part F, 2010. Ventilation will be provided for wet areas compliant with, Building Regulations Approved Document Part F 2010. A minimum level of purge ventilation is provided in all habitable rooms and wet rooms, compliant with section 7, Building Regulations Approved Document Part F, 2010. The building is a historic building and meets the requirements for Historic Buildings.


In line with BS 5906:2005, 30 Litres of dedicated Internal Storage for 3 number bins no less than 7 litres in volume. A private recycling scheme operator will be appointed to maintain bins and collect recyclable waste regularly. Recycling containers will: ·         Be located in an adequate external space ·         Be sized according to the frequency of collection, based on guidance from the recycling scheme operator ·         Store at least three types of recyclable waste in identifiably different bins

So in this manner the above BREEAM Assessment criteria are worked through and opportunities for each are explored, some can generate a lot of point easily, whilst other points are harder to work for! This is where a consultant comes in handy, to tell you which one to go for.

How is the BREEAM Pre-Assessment Report Delivered?

It will be delivered as a PDF document attached to an email.

How Long does it take to produce a BREEAM Pre-Assessment Report?

It takes around 10 working days to produce a BREEAM pre-assessment report. Sometimes quicker, for a small project, sometimes a little longer for a complex projects, with lots of discussion with regards to layout and building systems.