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Low Emission Strategy

A Low Emission Strategy is a report that is design to set out a projects (usually large scale), aspirations in terms of emissions. A low emission strategy could be included as part of a Sustainability Statement .

Planning Councils recognize that vehicular traffic has many adverse effects on the residential amenity within their administrative boundaries, including health and well being, congestion, parking stress and road accidents. They may seeks to reduce traffic and encourage more sustainable forms of transport, such as walking, cycling and public transport. A low emission strategy should encourage walking, cycling and public transport; require green travel plans and the submission of traffic impact assessments; and restrict parking based on need and the desire of residents to park close to their homes. 

It is likely that above will be enforced via the use of planning conditions or S106 agreements to achieve reductions in traffic volumes and therefore the emissions from traffic.

The planning authority may also consider reducing emissions from vehicles entering and leaving the development which may be achieved through requiring all servicing contractor vehicles to meet certain Euro standards. This effectively creates a mini Low Emission Zone (LEZ) around the development. An appropriate strategy for implementing this could be the requirement of a low emission zone implementation report.

Reports will be based on Practice Guidance 5: Practice guidance on using the planning system to reduce transport emissions, which forms part of the government's policy guidance on Local Air Quality Management published in July 2008. A document produced by the Beacons Low Emission Strategies Working Group, addressing both the construction and operational phases of new development, suggests mitigation measures to be included in an emissions assessment and a site specific low emission strategy.

Low emission zone implementation report

This is a report that is sometimes required as part of a large scale planning application, falling under the bracket of Environmental Construction Management.