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Royal Warrant Application Consultants

Upon the death of a Royal Warrant Grantor, the warrant will become invalid, and will need to be reapplied for, by undertaking a Royal Warrant Application.

Although it is too early to tell if the application process will change, it is possible that King Charles III will introduce some some sustainability criteria when companies reapply.

Royal Warrants are typically issued to companies demonstrating longevity, and high quality service. But will King Charles III add to these reuirements:

100% Suposition

 A These might include commitments to:

Some of the above could be quantified using Life Cycle Assessment, which many companies undertake for other purposes. Some endorsement such as "B Corp" require 1% of profits donated to charity . . . this could be a requirement for future holders of Royal Warrants.

0% Supposition

Since 2016, applicants are required to complete a sustainability criteria section. This might include information on the applicant's environmental practices, ethical sourcing, and labor standards.

What ever the criteria (if named as such) we will be able to help you find solutions, both in terms of putting the right information on the form and implementing the measures within you organisation.

If you would like to discuss your Royal Warrant Application with us please call or email, and we will be glad to assist. You will find us concise, diligent, and enthusiastic about your possibilities moving forward. 

What is a Royal Warrant?

A Royal Warrant of Appointment, in the UK, is basically a stamp of approval from the British Royal Family. It's given to companies or individuals who have supplied goods or services to the Royal Households for at least five years.

Here's the breakdown:

Overall, a Royal Warrant is a prestigious symbol that can boost a company's reputation and customer confidence.

How do you Apply for a Royal Warrant?

A Royal Warrant application in the UK typically requests information to assess the applicant's eligibility and suitability. Here's what you can expect to find in the application process:

Supporting Documents: Additional documents such as references, certifications, and details on the specific goods or services supplied to the Royal Household might be required.

The Royal Warrant Holders Association (RWHA) is a good resource for information on the application process. While they don't have the application forms available online at the moment due to the recent change in monarchy, their website (https://www.royalwarrant.org/) is the best place to stay updated on application details.