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 Desktop Study (Phase 1)

Sometimes this is named a preliminary risk assessment. A report based on maps, and other data.

Desktop Study Page

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What information is in a Desktop Study?
How does a Desktop Study Work?
Can I read about an Example Desktop Study?

Site Investigation (Phase 2)

If a Desktop Study highlights potential for contamination a Phase 2 Investigation with soil sampling may be required. 

Site Investigation Page

More Detail on SI?

What is Contaminated Land?
Where will SWEL carry out an Environmental Site Investigation?

Remediation (Phase 3)

If results from soil sampling show your site is contaminated then you made need to remediate (clean it up).

Remediation Page
Remediation - Further Deatil
Piling (Foundation) Risk Assessment

Verification (Phase 4)

After remediation, it is necessary to verify that the site is now safe. Further testing imported soils may be necessary.

Verification follows a similar method to Phase 2


More Detail on Verification?

EA Verification Guide

Groundwater Risk Assessment

For your project including Groundwater risk assessment for treated effluent discharges to infiltration systems.