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Piling (Foundation) Risk Assessment

It is becoming more common of late for the Environment Agency as consultees in planning application to ask for a Piling (Foundation) Risk Assessment when the proposed scheme sees foundation sunk on Contaminated Sites.

This document adheres to the Environment Agency Document Piling on Contaminated Sites, published by The National Groundwater and Contaminated Land Centre, and is thusly scoped to include the following:

Potential environmental hazards associated with piling through contaminated soils:

National Groundwater & Contaminated Land Centre report NC/99/73 has also been studied, particularly when seeking to ascertain detailed mitigation measures. The guide contain various scenarios where a foundation choice could impact on the environment:

If you require SWEL to prepare a Piling (Foundation) Risk Assessment on your behalf then please contact us we would be happy to assist. We can prepare such reports on a very quick turnaround if required to do so.