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Environmental Permit Application for Waste Oil Processing Facility

The Environmental Permitting Regulations are a relatively new piece of legislation which is rapidly changing the way the Government Control Industry Based Pollution in the UK. The EPR regulation are administered and enforced by the Environment Agency.

waste_oil_tankSWEL were approached by a company based in the south of England who were in the steps of applying for a Environmental Permit.

It was also requested that associated documentation for the operation of the facility was prepared including various Operational Documents and Management Plans.

A requirement of the permit was secondary containment of all vessels holding oil. Replacement of existing tanks with bunded tanks were suggested by the EA which would have meant a considerable Capital Outlay.

A particular success was the a practical suggestion made by SWEL to bund the building the tanks were housed in, as this proved much more cost effective.

The site has been operating successfully under its new permit for some time.

Image: SuSanA Secretariat [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons