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Carbon Strategy

Do you require a Carbon Strategy in support of a Planning Application? If you do please email us (blue links at top of page) or call.

What is a Carbon Strategy?

A carbon strategy is a plan to reduce or offset greenhouse gas emissions. It typically includes a set of goals, targets, and actions for reducing emissions from a particular source, such as a country, city, company, or household. Carbon strategies are often developed in response to climate change, which is caused by the buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

There are many different types of carbon strategies, but they all share the common goal of reducing emissions. Some common strategies include:

Here are some examples of carbon strategies from around the world:

pie chart showing percetages of greenhosue gases released from peoples activities: carbon dioxide 64%, methane 17%, other gases 19%

Case Study - A Carbon Strategy Submitted in support of Planning Application in Cornwall

Cornwall Council's Climate Emergency Development Planning Document (DPD) sets out the requirements for planning applications in relation to carbon emissions. The DPD requires all new developments to achieve a net reduction of 20% in carbon emissions compared to a benchmark building. This applies to all major developments, as well as minor developments that are part of a larger major development.

In addition to the 20% carbon reduction target, the DPD also requires new developments to meet a number of other sustainability criteria, such as:

The DPD also includes a number of policies that promote the use of sustainable transport options. These policies require new developments to provide adequate parking for bicycles, and to be located within walking or cycling distance of public transport stops.

Cornwall Council's carbon strategy requirements are designed to help Cornwall achieve its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030. By requiring new developments to be sustainable, the council is helping to reduce Cornwall's carbon footprint and create a more sustainable future for the county.

Here are some additional details about the requirements for planning applications in relation to carbon emissions:

Cornwall Council has a number of resources available to help developers meet the requirements of the DPD. These resources include:

Developers are encouraged to contact Southwest Environmental Limited team for advice on how to meet the requirements of the DPD.