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Atmospheric Modelling Services

We can provide modeling services for most substances in an atmospheric context. Please find the below services, we can help out with virtually any requirement you may have so please call for a no obligation discussion.

Incident Release Atmospheric Modelling
We can model releases from oil and gas pipe lines. We can model dispersion of dense gas plumes, or neutrally buoyant gas plumes. This kind of modeling and reporting is carried out when choosing sites of refineries, or tank farms. They can also be conducted when a sensitive receptor is introduced next to an existing source.
Ammonia Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling
Since the beginning of 2020 Natural England (UK) have been asking for ammonia assessments for all kinds of planning applications. Ammonia Dispersion Modelling
Odour Atmospheric Modelling
Odour modeling is carried out for all kinds of processes and in some cases as a precaution when situating non-odourus developments next to odourus ones. For example, a sewage works might require an odour assessment (understandably) but a house next to a sewage works might also require one.  Odour Modelling
Stack Downwash Atmospheric Modelling
When smells, dust or pollutants come out of a stack (tall chimney) they do not always go straight up. They often come back down gain some where nearby. But where? We can make a good estimate using atmospheric modeling.
Pollution Atmospheric Modelling next to Roads
Post "diesel gate" we are all aware that diesel, and to a lesser extent petrol cars cause air pollution. But how far do you have to be away from a road, before the affect is lessened? We can model the road in question and find a good spot for you to build you proposal, or to build you new road.