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Dust Management Plan

If you are operating a dusty activity, such as crushing of wastes, handling of fibers or powders, or do a great deal of sieving, then you may require a dust management plan to support you installation or waste permit application.

Guide to Dust Management Plan - Content

You must also consider the amenity impact of dust and other emissions within the 1000m radius of your site. Do not forget to consider clean industry and manufacturing processes such as, but not limited to, powder coaters and paint shops, offices, diesel generators, busy roads, power stations, food manufacturing and food outlets, agricultural land, the location of solar panels or air conditioning systems in the near vicinity, and areas of car parking.

Dust Management Plan - Receptors


It is an easy but time consuming job to look up all of the receptors within 1000m of you site. If you live in a built up area it may be more productive to group the receptors in to land use types. This way you do not have to list each one, which would take an age, and isn't very useful any way.

Worst Case are things like schools, best case agricultural or industrial land use. Some nature site (SSSIs etc.) are sensitive to dust, so they may trigger a requirement.

dust and emmsions management plan


What is Dust?

Dust is particulate matter it could be comprised of anything from grain husks to diesel combustion particulates. Generally the larger the grain size of the dust the less the impact is for a given quantity. Large particulate matter does not travel very far in the air under normal conditions, and does not penetrate deeply in to the lungs.

Of particular concern to Air Quality is the "fine" fraction of particulate matter. PM10 and PM2.5. These are the most damaging of particulate matters, and in modelling software such as H1 software require careful consideration.

Dust Management Consultants

Hopefully by reading this page you can see that a dust management plan is east to do, but time consuming. You could probably do it yourself using this Dust Management plan Template If you are busy and would like Southwest Environmental to do it for you, then please call.