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Open Windrow Composting Environmental Permit Application

SWEL has successfully under taken an Environmental Permit Application for a medium sized composting facility.

A company in the South West of the UK, who operate an open windrow composting facility are were keen to apply for a new environmental permit before there current "Paragraph 12" arrangement expired in 2011.

Southwest Environmental were engaged as Consultants to oversee the an Application for an Environmental Permit under the Environmental Permitting Regulations.

PAS 100 Compost
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An assessment of the site was made to ensure that current arrangements were environmentally sound, meetings took place to discuss the needs of the client and the project time frame.

SWEL prepared supporting documentation for the application which was stipulated within the permit for a standard permit application these include:

- An Odour Management Plan

- A Site Condition Report

SWEL offer practical solutions to problems that may arise during the application process.



The Permit now successfully obtained SWEL have now been commissioned to undertake further compliance work, and make operational changes to the companies operating procedures necessary for certification under the PAS 100 quality management system.

SWEL PAS100 project details.

SWEL have considerable experience in dealing with producers of compost, and welcome any enquiries regarding compliance or quality management.Applying for a compost permit takes around 12 weeks start to finish, this includes time for site visits, report writing, application submission to the Environment Agency and Processing time. The Permit "duly made " when the EA have received all of the information they need. The application then enters the determination stage, where the information content is scrutinized to make sure it has been written in accordance with Environment Agency guidance.

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