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Environmental Permits

Do you need help with an Environmental Permit Application or alterations made to an existing permit?

Environmental Permits Page

More Detail on Permits?

Odour Management Plan
How do I surrender an Environmental Permit?
Permit Application Fee Charges
List of Standard Environmental Permits


We offer niche services to Agricultural Industry. We are not agronomists, but we do offer advice on waste, odour and environmental matters relating to Agriculture.
Agricultural Consultancy Services

Flood Risk Assessment

Do you need a Flood Risk Assessment for a Planning Application or for your BREEAM Certification?

Flood Risk Page

More Detail on Flood Risk?

What is the Sequential Test?
What is the Exceptions Test?
Foul and Surface Water Drainage
Soak-Away Testing

Environmental Training

Whether you require Training for small groups or larger groups of delegates we can offer training events of all sizes, and deliver environmental content that is that 100% matches your requirements.
Environmental Training

Environmental Impact

Visual, Odour, Noise. . SWEL can produce reports to support your planning application.

Environmental Impact Page

More Detail on Enviro Impact?

Components of EIA
Odour Impact Assessment
Visual and Landscape Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Management

Written Management Systems for Environmental Permits, ISO 14001 & EMAS.

Environmental Management Page

More Detail?

Environmental Aspects Register
Compliance Register

Environmental Engineering

Design of Abatement and Effluent Treatment Systems.

Environmental Engineering Page

More Detail?

Effluent Treatment
HVAC (Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning)
Emission Abatement