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Environmental Conferences

For a broad topic, delivered at a high level of detail and conference is hard to match. Parallel delivery of content allow for delegates to choose a learning path, and obtain sufficient drill down on subjects that interest them. 

Environmental Conference Content

We have decades of experience in the environmental sector and as such very much understand the content we are delivering. We can therefore deliver umbrella topics, with related break out sessions that deliver useful learning outcomes.

If we were to take Air Quality as a topic, we might introduce this as a broader over view topic, and then provide break outs to cover health impacts, design response for mitigation or future trends based on uptake of electric vehicles for example.

Dependent on the the sector source of delegates, we might specialize these break out session still further, health impacts for example could be split in to adult and child, to suite regular or pediatric practitioners.


Environmental Conference Venues

As an event becomes larger the choices of venues becomes smaller. For a small conference it is usually possible to find a venue in just about any town or city. But for larger conferences, typically we would find suitable venues in larger cities. This is often advantageous as there are good public transport links, and airports (although we would not recommend flying).


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Environmental Conferences

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