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BAT Assessment – Norfolk

BAT Assessment – Norfolk

SWEL have recently produced a BAT assessment for a installation permit application in Norfolk. A BAT assessment is a report which look at BAT (Best Available Technique) for a particular process and then compares the proposed process with those techniques.

Typically BAT is carried out using the relevant “How to Comply” document for you sector. Sector specific guidance can range from effluent treatment, surface treatment of metals or food and drink. Each set of guidance has its own BAT for a particular process.

The BAT Assessment reports focesses on Gap Analysis. i.e. the point at which you proposed process does not aline with BAT.

Sometimes BAT is a number or benchmark, which say for the foo and rink industry is 50mg/m3 for Dust (Particulates).

Sometimes BAT is a way of doing something, for example including a buffer tank in you effluent treatment system.

Writing s BAT assessment is a time consuming task, and it is not overly interesting either. We will give you a set price quotation for writing your BAT Assessment, and if you choose to go ahead that is one less thing for you to do!

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