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Ecoli Testing – Sewer Flooding

Ecoli Testing –  Sewer Flooding

Southwest Environmental have been commissioned to undertake verification testing for the presence of  coliform, post clean up of a sewer spill.

SWEL were contacted by a landlord who was concerned with the persistence of pathogens post clean up of a sewer blockage.

The sewer blockage was caused by an item of clothing becoming lodged in the sewer of the ground floor sewer system of a block of flats, this cause sewer water from the above floors to spill out in to the ground floor flat.

The ground floor flat was flooded to a depth of 2 or 3 inches with sewage emanating from above floors. Significant damage was done to finishing, with staud partitioning and some fiberboard flooring being replaced owing to water damage.

The entire floor area was then steam cleaned and all surfaces treated with a disinfectant. It was at this point SWEL were asked to take samples and acquire results.

The samples were sent for propagation testing at a respected laboratory, so as to deduce cfu (colony forming units) of Ecoli.

These results will then used to inform conclusions of a verification report.

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