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Environmental Permit Surrender – Newton Abbot

Environmental Permit Surrender – Newton Abbot 

Southwest Environmental Limited were approached by a Gentleman looking to surrender a Historic End of Life Vehicle License.

When a Licence or Permit is no longer required it has to be “surrendered”, this is a process by which the Environment Agency check that nothing bad has happened on site, and the give the Ok for the Permit to be surrendered.

At the time of writing a strategy has been submitted to the Environment Agency that does not include for soil sampling. Soil sample is an expensive part of the surrender process.

Empty Oil Drums – Used for Storage of Scrap Metal

Soil sampling is often required when putting together a Site Condition Report. However, whilst this is useful at the baseline stage, it is not overly useful when surrendering a Historic Permit, especially when the site has had a very long industrial use extending 100’s of year in to the past.

How do we decide in this instance who is responsible for any contamination (lead for example) that might be found in the soils? This is impossible to answer.

A desk based site condition report has been assembled that may prove this point. But the report is being scrutinised at present.

Environmental Permit Surrender