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Site Waste Management Plan – Enfield London N13, UK

Site Waste Management Plan – Enfield London N13, UK

Southwest Environmental Limited were commissioned to undertake a site waste management plan for a site in Enfield London N13.

The project was or considerable scale with numerous residential units built on a brown field site. The report amongst other chapters considers the following:

2.1         Demolition Waste
2.1.1 Demolition Wastes
2.2         Excavation Wastes
2.2.1 Excavation Waste Types Forecast
2.2.2 Excavation Waste Quantities Forecast
2.3         Construction Wastes
2.3.1 Construction Waste Types Forecast
2.3.2 Construction Waste Quantities Forecast

The Waste Hierarchy 

The report follows the waste hierarchy and aims to minimize disposal to landfill. During the construction phase the SIte Waste Management plan makes recommendations as to good working practice that can reduce wastes. Suggestion such as:

“The design should be coordinated to avoid excess cutting and jointing of materials. Off-cuts create waste, where possible designed to standardized material dimensions. This would also apply to bespoke structural elements such as form work, where repetition of measurements should be encouraged where possible.”

Are included within the Site Waste Management Plan