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ADF Daylight Assessment – Lambeth SW4

ADF Daylight Assessment – Lambeth SW4

Southwest Environmental Limited have recently issued a ADF Daylight Assessment Report for a project in Lambeth.

The design of the project was most unusual. It consisted of a dwelling being built in a gap in a row of terraced houses. Instead of using the full available height to match the existing houses, the development makes use of a basement and a ground floor level only. As such is fairly unique in appearance certainly when considering the immediate vicinity.

Basement & Ground Floor Only Design

This low level construction obviously aided in the minimisation of any day lighting or sun lighting issues, and the dwelling met all criteria relating to external impacts as described in BR209. Interior lighting was found to be excellent throughout with ADF values exceeding guide minimum values by some margin.

SWEL regulatory carry out Sunlight and Daylight Assessments across the Greater London Area. Our reports are well received and we pride our selves on a quick turnaround, often in 5 working days or less.

The above image is reproduced courtesy of Tekton Design & Build SW18.

Planning Application for Waste Transfer Station – Hereford

Planning Application for Waste Transfer Station

Southwest Environmental Limited have been commissioned to undertake a planning application for a Waste Transfer Station in Hereford. We provide this service nation wide to wide range of clients.

The proposed transfer station would see up a planning application ahead of a permit application for a general waste transfer station, for the storage, treatment and transfer of wastes.

At present the site used as a builders yard, but the application will see the incorporation of 25 x 25 meter industrial building, weighbridge, storm water system, fire water system and leachate management system.

Impacts considered during the application will be noise, transport and possibly odour. The site is well situated as it is not close to any residential properties.

Southwest Environmental have thus far produced project drawings including Site Location, Building Plans, Layout Plans, Drainage Plans and a Design and Access Statement in support of the project.

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